Got Gross Grout?

Tile and Grout If you have old, unsightly ... OK, let's be honest Gross Grout, you'll want to contact Scott Carden, owner of MarbleLife 503.758.8901. As you can see from the photos attached they have the ability to rejuvenate old, stained, dirty grout, tile and stone and restore its luster and beauty.

I can testify to the quality of their products and workmanship … they have taken care of two clients … one who had old stained grout … we thought we were going to have to replace the floor since we had already tried scraping out the grout and putting in new … Ather Williams, MarbleLife’s residential craftsman, was able to clean and seal (I mean REALLY seal) the product and the kitchen floor is completely revitalized.

An acidic product had been used on another client's newly remodeled master bath … etching all of the beautiful white marble surface.   Once again, Ather came in, came up with a solution and again revitalized a bathroom to its original showcase appearance.

Marblelife also has a great lineup of home care products ... check out their website at or call Scott today for your complimentary consultation.