Sweet Little Wine Cellar Design

The client had a small unused hallway in the basement that was really just dead space. With collaborative planning between EmmaShea, the cabinetmaker and our electrician we created a perfect wine "cellar". Using a combination of ready-made and custom components we provided the client with sufficient storage for:

* 150 chilled bottles * 300 standard bottles * 40 magnums

Great lighting makes each selection easy to see and a beautiful remnant of satin-finished granite makes a perfect counter to open the bottles.

So ... let's create better access to those wine bottles currently sitting in boxes in a dark closet  ... EmmaShea Interiors will help you discover unused spaces and design a gem for your wine storage.  Contact EmmaShea Interiors, we're enthusiastic about helping people create homes they love to live in!

EmmaShea Interiors Sweet Little Cellar Design

EmmaShea Interiors Sweet Little Wine Cellar Design