Interior Design Service

I am constantly asked "what interior design or decorating services do you offer." Here's an almost-comprehensive list of the services I regularly handle.

  • Decorate or Redecorate
  • Repurpose Existing Furnishings, Art, & Accessories
  • Move-In Services For New Home
  • Design Color Plans
  • Design Furniture
  • Work W/Architect To Design New Construction Or Remodel
  • Hire Tradesmen And Contractors
  • Specify Decorative And Finish Materials
  • Specify Flooring Including Carpet, Hardwood, Stone
  • Design Window Treatments
  • Specify Permanent Window Treatments Incl Blinds, Shutters, Shades, Window Tinting For UV Protection
  • Design Holiday Decorations And Displays
  • Edit Furniture And Collections
  • Accessorize Home And Offices
  • Art Consultation

While this is a pretty good list to start with, I'll work on adding more items. I'll also add more detail in this blog on many of these items, so check my other blog entries or stay connected using my RSS feed.

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