Designing Spaces that you fill with the people you love

At Sapphire Design Build, interior design is more than a job. We are inspired by the opportunity each design challenge brings. Working together with you, we create spaces for people to live, work, and play in. Throughout the process our ever-present goal is to create value, stay on budget and meet project deadlines.

Project Design & Implementation

What if we told you that your remodeling or interior design project could be a fun, rewarding experience you will remember for years to come?

Interior Design

What you want is paramount to us. We understand every detail placed in your home matters and affects how you live and feel.

Room Service

Have lots of great pieces but can't quite figure out how to create that warm and comforting enivronment you yearn for ... Sapphire Design Build will come and "use what you own".

Color Consultation

With they myriad color options available ... how do you choose?  Sapphire Design Build will help you find the right and perfect color for your environment.